Mega Man roguelike 30XX arrives in Early Access next month

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30XX is a Mega Man-inspired roguelike and sequel to the 2017 game 20XX. It was revealed almost a year ago but we finally have some information about when we can play it.

Those hoping for a straight release will be disappointed as the game is instead going through Early Access on PC starting on 17th February.

A Steam page is now live for the game where you can wishlist it and read a bit more about what is has to offer and its Early Access process.

On 17th February those who buy 30XX can experience the following:

  • 6 level themes (with more in development during EA), each with their own visual style, platforming mechanics, enemies, music tracks, and bosses (and boss music tracks!)
  • Lots of Memory Index upgrades to choose from between runs, with plenty of ways to spice up your run with Entropy Conditions
  • Full co-op, both online and local
  • Mega Mode, for players looking for a non-permadeath experience
  • Our Editor tool, which lets you build and share your own 30XX levels if you’re into that sort of thing

That editor tool is tied into something called “Maker Mode” which “allows adventurers to craft custom stages, share them with the community, and shuffle these gauntlets into procedurally-generated campaigns,” according to a press release we received.

We played around 11 hours of 20XX and beat most of it. It was a decently fun experience that really had room to improve so we’re glad to see that developer Batterystaple Games is back for another stab at things.

While 17th February is close those who want to play even sooner may have the opportunity to do so. In the announcement for Early Access Batterystaple Games announced a close beta. More information for that, the developer says, will be available through Discord and Twitter.

The world of roguelikes has changed quite a bit since 2017 with the new big dog in the genre being Hades, which also went through Early Access. We don’t expect to directly compare the two but we do hope that 30XX can give us a unique running, jumping and shooting outing that makes the Mega Man series so compelling.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of