PC gamers spent $700 million on the Epic Games Store in 2020

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With 2020 forcing many folks to stay at home, gaming became an increasingly attractive hobby in a bid to ward off boredom.

Valve already showed us how much PC gaming grew on its Steam platform in 2020 and now we have a closer look at how Epic Games fared in the same period.

Aside from picking fights with Apple, Epic Games manages its own store front and while it’s still missing a number of what we’d call important features (a shopping cart for instance) it is a popular haunt for PC gamers.

Before we get to the money, one of the reason the Epic Games Store is so popular is because it gives games away for free. Throughout 2020 the storefront gave away 103 games. Had you purchased those games individually you’d have spent an estimated $2 407, according to Epic Games. Those games were claimed 749 million times.

As for money, while Epic Games hasn’t shared how much revenue it earned through the storefront, it did report that users spent a collective $700 million on the store.

What is interesting to note is that Epic reports that $265 million was spent on “third-party PC games in the Epic Games Store”.

As for what folks were playing, the most popular titles on the storefront for 2020 were:

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Satisfactory
  • Fortnite
  • Snow Runner
  • Godfall
  • Borderlands 3
  • Rocket League
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Rogue Company

The firm goes on to highlight improvements to its platform over the course of 2020 but we’re more interested in the features that are expected to land in 2021.

For regular updates you can check out the Epic Games Store roadmap on Trello but some features to expect in 2021 include:

  • Wishlist Improvements
  • Social Overhaul
  • Achievements
  • Player Profiles
  • ??❓

“Much of the development work this year is centered on opening the store to developers that want to publish titles on the store. We want a smooth, seamless experience for developers looking to bring their titles to the Epic Games Store. This unlocks the ability for Epic Games Store customers to purchase the games they want, when they want while developers enjoy a much fairer revenue share split,” Epic wrote in a blog post.

Finally, taking a look at the Epic Games Store compared to Steam, Steam is still the most popular platform for PC gamers.

Make no mistake, Epic Games Store’s 56 million monthly active users for December is nothing to pull your nose up at but it pales in comparison to Steam reported 120 million monthly active users for 2020.

As PC gamers ourselves it’s good to see some competition in the space and we’d keep an eye on the Epic Games Store this year, and not just for the free games.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.