Rube Goldberg machine, Katy Perry kick off Pokémon 25th anniversary

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In 2021 the venerable Pokémon franchise will celebrates its 25th year. To start the celebrations Pokémon has chosen two rather odd vehicles: a Rube Goldberg machine and Katy Perry music.

Let’s start with the former which you can watch in the video below. The Rube Goldberg machine shown here is an elaborate way to show off the “toys, games, cards, series, memories” of Pokémon, as explained by the video’s description.

You could spend hours hours combing through everything here but our favourite part must be around one minute 10 seconds in where we see a reference to Pokémon Go. It seems the PokéStop icon there is 3D printed. We don’t usually see big companies who sell official merchandise using 3D prints.

On the opposite end of the scale we hate the moment at around 15 seconds in. There’s a shiny Charizard VMAX card that is releasing in the West soon in the Shining Fates TCG expansion in February. This card will likely cost thousands of dollars and it appears that someone simply glued it to a stick for this video. The YouTube upload is of decent enough quality that you can see that the card isn’t in a sleeve or anything.

As for Katy Perry, the official Pokémon 25th anniversary website says the following:

“Every party needs a playlist! Pokémon is teaming up with some of the biggest names in music including pop icon Katy Perry, and you’re invited to join the fun!

There’s also this picture of Katy Perry with a Pikachu tail, which is funny in isolation.

Back to trading cards now and some promotional ones will be released in special booster packs. This limited set of 24 cards will feature the series’ starter Pokémon as jumbo cards. If you’ve not seen them before jumbo cards are much larger than standard trading cards and are usually included in boxed products as an added bonus.

Even with the recent Pokémon TCG resurgence curtesy of celebrities throwing money around, jumbo cards are rarely worth much and usually fall into the category of “collection oddity”, though there are some fans who staunchly go after them. More information about the release of these cards can be found here.

This, together with a limited edition skateboard (see below) is just about everything revealed so far for the 25th anniversary.

As we get deeper in the year more announcements will likely happen. There’s a rumour floating around about an announcement livestream but there’s no official word of such things just yet.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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