Metro Exodus to look even better with PC Enhanced Edition

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Despite coming out relatively recently in February 2019, Metro Exodus is getting a new version called the ‘PC Enhanced Edition’ which will make better use of the tech that has come out since it was released.

“…the Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition! Built for high-end PC hardware with Ray Tracing capable Nvidia and AMD GPUs and implementing DLSS 2.0 for the ultimate PC experience. Didn’t think Metro Exodus could look any better? Hold our vodka,” reads an announcement.

For some this announcement of a new addition may seem a bit odd for a PC version of a game. Usually on this platform new features like this are usually patched into the existing software and offered as a update. This won’t work for Metro Exodus as the changes to the game have been far reaching.

“This upgrade is so extensive, it will require a Ray Tracing capable GPU as the minimum spec, and we will need to deliver this version as a separate product – it is not a simple ‘patch’ to the base game – instead it will be offered as an extra entitlement to all existing Metro Exodus PC players,” the announcement continues.

For those worried that this means a separate purchase, fear not. The PC Enhanced Edition will be free to everyone who owns the existing version of the game on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store.

No release date has been provided but “Spring” has been listed as when we can expect this. We absolutely hate using the seasons as a release window as developer 4A Games is based in the Ukraine, so which “Spring” are we referring to? We have to imagine it’s the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring as the release window is listed as “later this Spring”. The north’s Spring is between March and April, so that would make sense.

Please, developers and publishers for the love of god, stop using the seasons as a way to announce release windows.

That aside it’s interesting to note that the PC Enhanced Edition has been informed by the next generation of consoles. A port of Metro Exodus for the consoles from Microsoft and Sony is on its way and will also be a free upgrade for those who own the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“…with Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles offering Ray Tracing support, we took the decision to radically overhaul our proprietary 4A Engine and realise our ambitions for a fully Ray Traced experience on next gen consoles and high-end PC,” writes 4A Games.

Finally if Windows PC and the litany of consoles just don’t do it for you 4A Games has announced that the Mac version of the game is being released this March with Linux happening later this year.

The last bit of news to look at is this little table showing off the different elements which will be present on the PC Enhanced Edition and the next gen consoles. We’re not sure a table is necessary as only two features are absent on consoles compared to PC.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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