After months of punishment, Bungie is finally make massive changes to Stasis

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When Destiny 2: Beyond Light launched, players had a new Darkness subclass – Stasis – to play around with along with the Light subclasses for Void, Solar and Arc.

While freezing enemies is fun, the novelty wore off the moment you stepped foot into the PvP mode, Crucible.

For months players have been pleading with Bungie to make changes to Stasis so that players aren’t dead the moment they cross paths with a Stasis wielding Guardian. And later this month players are getting just that.

“We made some targeted changes to Stasis in Season 12 and wanted to see how they landed before making any more adjustments. Now that we’ve have several weeks of data to analyze, we’re ready to make some further changes to address additional pain points of Stasis in PVP,” Bungie’s Gameplay Team wrote in an update.

“Our goal with these changes is to reduce some of the frustrations when fighting against Stasis subclasses in the Crucible, while maintaining their power in PvE content wherever possible. With that said, some changes required us to adjust the global behavior of some abilities,” the team added.

These changes are set to hit the live game on 23rd March which is also when the next Iron Banner PvP event is set to take place. Good timing then.

So what are the changes? We’ve listed them below by class.


For Shatterdive:

  • Removed damage resistance from Shatterdive
  • Added a four second cooldown between activations of Shatterdive

For Withering Blade:

  • Decreased Withering Blade damage against players from 90 to 65 damage. PvE damage is unchanged.
  • Decreased Withering Blade slow stacks applied to players from 60 to 40 stacks. PvE slow stacks are unchanged.
  • Decreased the target acquisition range of Withering Blade after it impacts a player from 12m to 8m. Range after impacting PvE enemies is unchanged.


For Glacial Quake:

  • Removed area of effect freeze against players on Super cast. PvE enemies will still freeze on Super cast
  • Reduced damage resistance while in super from 60 percent to 50 percent
  • Increased the energy cost of using Shiver Strike while in Glacial Quake from 3 percent to 7 percent Super energy.
  • Using the combo of a Shiver Strike into a Heavy slam attack will now cost the full Super energy of both the Shiver Strike and the slam. This previously only cost energy for the slam.

For Shiver Strike:

  • Increased downwards velocity applied to Shiver Striking players when they are slowed to pull them out of the air more strongly


For Winter’s Wrath:

  • Improved tracking of projectiles. Tracking strength decays over 10 seconds rather than 2.2 seconds.
  • Increased the size of the warlock super projectile’s proximity detonation radius 1.5m – 1.65m
  • The proximity detonation now starts at it’s largest and scales down to 40 percent over time.

For Penumbral Blast:

  • Decreased Penumbral Blast damage against players from 80 to 30 damage. PvE damage is unchanged.

For Iceflare Bolts:

  • Fixed a bug where Iceflare Bolts would continuously try to switch targets.
  • Increased target acquisition range of Iceflare Bolts by 33 percent.
  • Increased turning speed of Iceflare Bolts so they can more effectively hit nearby targets.

For Chaos Reach (middle tree Arc super):

  • Decreased the amount of Super energy refunded when cancelling Chaos Reach early.

Where Hunters and Titans are being nerfed, Warlocks are actually getting a buff and this will surely be welcome news. We say this because shortly after Beyond Light’s launch, Warlock Shadebinder was nerfed into oblivion.

While we don’t think this will make Warlock the best Stasis class, it may help bring the class up to a similar power level to its peers.

There are also number of general changes coming to Stasis, particularly as relates to Aspects and Fragments.

Those changes follow below:

  • Duskfield Grenade
    • Reduced how strongly Duskfield Grenade pulls players inwards, effectively reducing the pull range from 9.5m to ~6m. PvE pull impulse is unchanged.
    • Reduced the slow stacks applied to players by the grenade detonation from 20 to 10 stacks. Detonation slow stacks are unchanged against PvE.
    • Reduced the slow stacks applied to players on each tick of the grenade from 10 to 5 stacks. Per-tick slow stacks are unchanged against PvE.
    • Adjusted the UI presentation of the “Slowed” status to display Slow stacks as X/100 instead of X/10, to increase readability when adding Slow stack amounts that are fewer than 10.
  • Stasis Crystals 
    • Reduced crystal shatter damage against players from (85 max, 55min) to (55 max, 25 min). PvE damage is unchanged.
  • Whisper of Chains 
    • Reduced Whisper of Chains damage resistance bonus while in Super from 25% to 5%. Damage resistance when not in Super is unchanged. This only affects damage from other Guardians.
  • Whisper of Torment
    • Fixed a bug where players could continuously proc Whisper of Torment while standing inside an opponent’s Barricade.
  • Stasis Fragment Quests
    • Significantly reduced objective completion values for all Crucible fragment quests.

It’s about time these changes were made because as we mentioned, PvP is a mess with Stasis on the rampage.

Unfortunately, these changes could be delayed should issues be discovered before the patch goes live.

As an aside, if you’re feeling absolutely mad, Trials of Osiris has been re-enabled for this weekend. That having been said, it might not be around all weekend so get in while you can. If you dare of course.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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