The Binding of Isaac concludes with the launch of Repentance

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The Binding of Isaac is almost a decade old and this storied game comes to a conclusion today with the launch of its final expansion called Repentance.

Repentance adds a mountain of content – some of which you can see in the launch trailer below – that has its origins in the fan mod Antibirth.

“Repentance takes Isaac to new heights of roguelike dungeon adventure, as the brave boy descends into the basement for his greatest challenge yet! Isaac’s new quest takes him to unknown places he’s never been, filled with horrible new enemies and bosses, weapon combos you’ve never synergized before and items he’s never seen… unholy terrors from his wildest dreams and worst nightmares!” reads the game’s description.

For those who have somehow never played Isaac in any form before this is, essentially, a twin stick shooter roguelike. Its format and modern interpretation of the original Rogue game really helped launch what players today associate with “roguelike” and “roguelite” titles. The Binding of Isaac, along with other modern classics like the original Spelunky and Nuclear Throne, are responsible for so much in the gaming landscape, not just in their defined genres.

With the release of Repentance now is also the perfect time to get stuck in. There are countless beginner guides for this mammoth game but go in blind and muck about for a good while before you crack open a wiki.

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is available right now on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store. Ports for the console versions will be coming later this year.

For those who want to know a bit more about this expansion we highly recommend an interview with Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen. The interview is hosted by Ryan Letourneau (better known as Northernlion). Letourneau is a big name in the Isaac community as he has been creating videos around it for nearly as long as the game has been available.

The conversation between Letourneau and McMillen is also really interesting from a meta perspective as the two have been involved with Isaac for so many years but from radically different angles, one as the person who made the game and another as a content creator around it.

While Repentance has lots of great music to listen to while playing, turn down the volume and have this running in the background as you explore the new expansion.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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