Absa contacting affected customers following November 2020 data leak

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It seemed like some manner of data breach, hack or leak happened every other week during 2020, with several local organisations being impacted. One of the larger data leaks happened last last year, when Absa confirmed that it was indeed compromised after an employee shared customer data with a handful of entities.

Now the financial institution has finally begun to contact customers regarding the leak, and specifically reaching out to those who were affected by the data leak.

“Following Absa’s announcement of an isolated data leak in November 2020, and a resultant independent forensic investigation, we have now identified more compromised data and are contacting impacted customers directly,” the bank explained in an email sent to to customers.

“Unfortunately, this leak encompassed some of your personal information, including your identity, cellular and account numbers. Proactive steps have been taken to protect impacted customers – consequently, we have secured the devices of all known, implicated, parties,” it adds.

The financial institution also points out that customers should be on higher alert for anyone posing as Absa and requesting sensitive information telephonically or via email.

“Fraudsters may pose as a representative of a bank, in their attempt to defraud you. Please do not disclose your online banking PIN, password, card CVV, PIN or one-time password to anybody, irrespective of the circumstances. Absa will never ask you to share these confidential details. If unsure, terminate the call and call our Fraud Hotline,” it stresses.

“Kindly contact 086 087 8882 if you would like further clarity or our Fraud Hotline on 0860 557 557 if you notice any suspicious activities,” the bank concludes.

With cybercrime on the rise as a result of COVID-19, it is important to be more vigilant than ever before when doing anything online.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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