PlayStation players get early access to Resident Evil Village’s second demo

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A second demo for Resident Evil Village is dropping on 1st May, ahead of the hotly anticipated game’s 7th May release. Unlike the first Maiden demo which introduced players to the internet’s favourite tall vampire, Lady Dimitrescu, this demo will be a cross-platform release.

That said, those with a PlayStation 5 or 4 will get earlier access than those with an Xbox Series X|S console or Windows 10 PC.

This as the demo is already available to download in the PS Store. Access to actually playing it, however, will have to wait until this weekend and next weekend. The first weekend opens up access between 17th April at 23:00 through to 18th April at 10:00 and the second weekend from 24th April at 23:00 through to 25th April at 10:00.

Each weekend will open up 30 minutes worth of gameplay, depending on how long it takes you to finish, but crucially focuses on two distinct areas of Resident Evil Village, with the Dimitrescu castle and neighbouring village available to explore. The latter should prove the more interesting of the two, and hopefully introduces us to the Lycans in the game, which we have not seen too much of.

As for what role players will be taking, remains to be seen, but we doubt that we’ll be playing as the protagonist Ethan Winters, as was the case with the Maiden demo.

Come 1st May, those with an Xbox Series X|S or Windows 10 PC (via Steam) can check out the demo for themselves. If you have been sitting on the fence on buying this latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise, perhaps this will change your mind.

With Biohazard breathing new life into the franchise, we’re definitely keen to see whether Village can keep the momentum going.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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