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‘Steam Open World Sale’ is happening next month

Steam sales and events are usually sprung on the world as they happen but for the newest one – simply called the “Steam Open World Sale” – we’ve got more than a month of forewarning.

“The Steam Open World Sale is a multi-day event celebrating games featuring the popular open world mechanic. The sale will highlight many sub-genres and styles of open world games and while featuring livestreams of participating Steam games. We welcome all eligible titles to join in the celebration,” reads the announcement.

That announcement has been released into the public Steam News Hub. We’ve been following Steam and its announcements for many years now and we believe this is the first time in recent years that a sale like this has been announced to the public before it happens.

Given the fact that this information is targeted towards game developers may be the reason this news has been released in this way. Maybe Valve was meant to post this in such a way that only developers and publishers could see it and the public getting a glance is an error.

We the public also get to see some inside baseball into what games will qualify for this sale with Valve outlining four criteria:

  1. associated with a Steamworks developer account in good standing
  2. tagged Open World or Open World Survival Craft
  3. released on Steam on or before May 27th 2021 at 10am Pacific
  4. offered to Steam customers at a discount (unless Free to Play) for the duration of the event

Those who meet the above criteria then need to fill out a form here. Following the link to that form will take you to a Steamworks page which will require an account to access. Steamworks is the toolset used to publish games on Steam.

The Steam Open World Sale is planned to take place between 27th and 31st May.

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