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Learn the names of the weird Shadow Warrior 3 enemies

Over the past two weeks Shadow Warrior 3 publisher Devolver Digital has been releasing snippets of the game to keep the hype train going until the game’s release.

The latest of these is an enemy showcase which gives names to many of the enemies that we’ve been seeing in previous trailers.

We really like the look of things here as they’re unique while also being rather grotesque. Funnily enough the designs remind us of Monkie Kid, an animated rehash of the Monkey King ancient story as done by LEGO.

If that wasn’t enough of the game for you well there’s plenty more. Below is the second most trailer to be released, this time looking at the weapons you’ll be using to kill those enemies.

Weapons and progression will be an important part of this game because Shadow Warrior 2 was closer to a looter shooter, a change many people didn’t like.

As bizarre as the enemies look in Shadow Warrior 3, the guns look a bit on the plain side. We’re sure developer Flying Wild Hog is saving the really good stuff for the actual game, but what’s shown here is a bit samey.

It seems the upgrades are where things will be changed up with our favourite from this reveal being a small explosion caused by scoring headshots with the pistol.

Other trailers released in the last two weeks alone include Motoko’s Thunderdome (embedded below) and looks at a missions called That Damn Dam and Doomsday Device.

Shadow Warrior 3 has no launch date just yet and is still listed as releasing some time in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If we had to guess we’d think that an announcement of the release date will be happening soon which is why all these trailers are being released so regularly.

As we get deeper into the year more games come out to scoop up holiday sales, so it has us wondering exactly when this game will be released.

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