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Here’s the cheapest way to buy Metroid Dread in South Africa

Overseas Metroid Dread was the most pre-ordered game after its reveal at E3 2021 and, for those who want to get it in South Africa, there are a few choices.

Right now Raru seems to be the cheapest way to go. This is because the site is currently running a 10 percent off on pre-orders when using code RCC-10GamePreOrder:

• Metroid Dread Standard Edition: R1 199 | R1 079.10 with code.
• Metroid Dread Special Edition: R1 699 | R1 529.10 with code.

It should be noted that Raru also has stock of the amiibo 2-pack for Metroid Dread that is selling for R699. The 10 percent off discount code does not apply to this product, however.

Raru’s pre-order landing page is available here.

Right now we can find only one other local retailer – BT Games – with Metroid Dread available for pre-order. Like Raru BT Games has a small discount on these but no code is required.

• Metroid Dread Standard Edition: R1 199 | R1 099 with discount.
• Metroid Dread Special Edition: R1 699 | R1 599 with discount.

Similarly the BT Games pre-order page is available here. As far as we can tell the amiibo 2-pack is not available from BT Games right now.

The final place to pre-order the game isn’t form a retailer but from the Nintendo distributor in South Africa itself, Core.

It’s online store has stock of both versions of the game and the amiibo 2-pack, but there’s no discounts on any of it.

• Metroid Dread Standard Edition: R1 199.
• Metroid Dread Special Edition: R1 699.
• Metroid Dread amiibo 2-pack: R699.

There’s no dedicated pre-order page from core so you can find the Standard Edition, Special Edition and amiibos by clicking on their names.

So Raru, at least right now, is the cheapest way to go to get Metroid Dread ahead of time. That being said we have to point out the many problems we’ve personally experienced with the store in the past and similar experiences we’ve heard from readers.

The main problems we’ve had with Raru are items from overseas taking more than six months to be delivered, and local sales sometimes not being honoured because of incorrect pricing or other factors.

If it was our money we’d rather go with BT Games and save ourselves the headache over R20 – R70.

We would usually advise against pre-ordering and recommend waiting for reviews but we know that with beloved Nintendo franchises it falls on deaf ears.

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