Knockout City hits 5 million players since launch

Less than two weeks ago it was revealed that Knockout City had managed to bring in more than two million players. Now, at the start of June, that number has jumped up to five million.

Aside from many people enjoying Knockout City, the reason for such a large crowd in a relatively small game is that the barrier to entry is so low. Between the launch of the game on 21st May and the end of the event on 30th May, there was the Block Party. This event allowed everyone to play for free.

When the Block Party ended it was announced that play would still be free for those new to the game until they hit Street Rank 25, giving more players the chance to experience the game without parting with a single cent.

“Since launch, we’ve seen 5 million new brawlers join us in matches, there’s been amazing— and unexpected— gameplay, hundreds of thousands of Crews were formed, over half a billion KOs landed, millions of hours of gameplay were watched, and—dare we say it?—thousands of friendships were made along the way. Who knew you could bond over hitting one another in the face with a dodgeball?,” reads an official post about the game.

Knockout City is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC (Epic Games Store, Origin and Steam), PlayStation and Xbox. It’s also included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, so if you’re a subscriber you can get in without any further purchases.

For those wanting to part with their money for the game there are several editions available with the higher priced ones including cosmetics and the paid currency Holobux which can also be used to buy more cosmetics.

It seems that developer Velan Studios and publisher EA are really banking on Knockout City sticking around for a while with the launch of the game billed as “season 1”. Time will tell if the multiple free ways to play as well as paid versions and cosmetics will keep people involved.

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