Like the look of Loki? Play Control free next

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The first episode of the new Loki series is out – at least for countries with access to Dinsey+ – and it has left many people wanting for more as we wait until the next edition of the weekly release.

Well there’s something that may be able to tide you over, and you don’t need to part with a single cent to partake. That something is the game Control which is available for the price of nothing thanks to a public giveaway on the Epic Games Store here.

The link between these two games is more thematic and visual. We’re not here today to bring you news of some amazing Marvel Easter Egg in the game or that Loki sits down to play Control in the first episode.

Both the show and the game are heavily influenced by their setting. For Loki it’s the Time Variance Authority (TVA) offices and for Control it’s the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC).

Both the TVA and the FBC share influences – harsh and plentiful concrete surroundings, shifting spaces that don’t follow the rules of physics, antiquated technology, smart office wear and the fact that both deal with the supernatural and bizarre like it’s something more mundane.

With fear of Disney’s lawyer’s in mind we’ll point you in the direction of the various official trailers and snippets released so far for the show. There’s a surprising amount of the at almost 20 by our count. One is embedded below and the rest can be found on the Marvel Entertainment channel here.

As for Control it will remain free until 17th June so there’s still plenty of time to claim it. All you need to do is make an account on the Epic Games Store and claim it by hitting “get” on the store page.

Once this is done you own the game permanently so you can play it at your leisure.

To whet your whistle see the trailer below which gives a closer look at the game’s world. You’ll be able to see some thematic similarities between Loki and Control just with these two trailers.

If you don’t have a PC that can run the game, you don’t like Epic Games, or you game on console, we highly recommend just outright buying Control and playing it. It has an emphatic recommendation from us and pretending that FBC is some weird branch of the TVA just makes things better.

Loki is planned for a six episode run so we’re excited to return to this topic when the season is over.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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