Steam Next Fest boasts 700+ demos

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With E3 now over and the public excited about a lot of games they can’t play, Steam has swooped in and started up the Next Fest which it claims has more than 700 demos of games available for everyone right now.

Next Fest is live right now and lasts just one week ending on 22nd June. With so many games to take in – plus livestreams and other events – it’s a bit much to take in.

To make things simpler the Next Fest landing page available here tries to be concise and put everything together in a simple package.

From the landing page you will have a customised home section if you’re logged in. For example a game we have on our wishlist, Synthetik 2, was the first title to pop up here as it now has a demo to play.

There’s also a “recommended for you” section to find titles that the Steam algorithm thinks you may like. It’s pretty damn accurate as the demo for South African game Terra Nil appeared here despite the fact that we never interacted with it before on Steam. We have, however, bought and played several games from developer Free Lives and publisher Devolver Digital, so it’s an easy fit.

For those who don’t like these choices or the trending lists, you can then sort by genre with the following nine available:

• Action
• Adventure
• Strategy
• Simulation
• Puzzle
• Platformer
• Horror
• Sports + Racing
• VR

We highly recommend checking out some genres you may not usually frequent as you may find a game that would have been missed otherwise. The “Sports + Racing” genre is always worth looking at even if it may sound up your street on paper as the titling of the genre is so wide.

Rumour has it that a full Steam sale will follow the Next Fest as soon as it ends. The Steam Summer Sale will likely kick off on 23rd June so you can buy some games after playing so many free demos.

Aside from Steam using your wishlist to recommend games like it did with the Synthetik 2 demo, the wishlist is also the best place to go whenever a site-wide sale is live. If you haven’t been adding games to your wishlist before now, start doing it.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of