Superman canonically plays Fortnite with a Batman skin

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Fortnite has released yet another polished trailer for its Season 7 subtitled Invasion. A lot happens in the trailer but let’s talk about Superman and Batman.

At around 30 seconds into the trailer we see Clark Kent at work where it seems the Daily Planet staff are taking a lunch break to play some Fortnite.

What makes this even funnier is that Kent is using a Batman skin on his character. Batman has appeared in Fortnite multiple times and even had a crossover comic event involving the popular battle royale game.

Even better is the fact that this isn’t even farfetched. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne have swapped costumes so many times over the years that it’s practically a trope at this point.

The pair usually do this to trick bad guys or, at one point, to go on a double date.

Superhero show Invincible even referenced a 1999 Superman & Batman comic for a piece of dialogue. This comic, by happenstance, also has a sequence where the two titular characters swap clothes.

That’s just three instances of this happening off of the top of our heads, and all we can hope for now is that Bruce Wayne uses a Superman skin in the game when it’s released.

It’s also worth noting that the theme of Season 7 Invasion is aliens attacking. Superman is, of course, an alien, and the character fighting other hostile beings from space is another trope for the character.

Outside of DC Comics the biggest reveal in this trailer is of Rick and Morty. Rick makes a rather striking appearance here as hits art style has not been changed to look more in line with Fortnite.

The official Fortnite Twitter account also released a teaser (see below) showing off some items from Rick and Morty that will presumably appear in the game. It includes the famous Butter Robot from season one, episode nine.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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