Unofficial ‘Game Pass Counter’ makes searching easy

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As Xbox Game Pass gets bigger it starts to suffer from the same problem all subscription services suffer from: too much choice. When there’s so much available it can be arduous to get through everything, which is where Game Pass Counter comes in. is a fan-made website created by Alex Dietrich, Garrett Atkins and Mike Szoke.The trio have made a fast and easy way to browse through all the games on Xbox Games Pass in a number of lists divided as: 

  • Coming Soon
  • Leaving Soon
  • Console Games 
  • PC Games
  • Cloud Games
  • EA Play
  • Touch Games
  • Back Compat (backwards compatible) 
  • X|S Optimized
  • FPS Boost (120)
  • FPS Boost (60)
  • Xbox Ones Games
  • Xbox 360 Games
  • OG Xbox Games
  • Smart Delivery
  • Cross Play
  • M&K Support


From these categories we can see some interesting things such as the fact that four games from the original Xbox. 

Game Pass Counterstates that there’s 421 games in total offered on Game Pass. That’s counting the same game on PC and console as one title, because if you split them that number goes up to 954. 

To make things even better one of the creators, Atkins, has revealed on Twitter that the site has no adverts, no data collection and no tracking. 

If you’ve not used Xbox Game Pass before this may seem unnecessary but that’s far from the truth. For those on console wanting to search through the Game Pass titles means switching on the console and using a controller to type. 

On PC things aren’t much better because the Game Pass app is absolutely horrendous. The official website from Microsoft is a bit better in that regard but is still not as simple and functional as Game Pass Counter. 

The Twitter account for Xbox Game Pass commented on the release of Game Pass Counter earlier this month so hopefully this means someone at Microsoft knows about the need for a simpler search and archive tool for the service. 

[h/t – @TheGrahamZA]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of