Apex Legends recovers from Titanfall message hackers

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Over the past weekend Apex Legends seems to have suffered some kind of breach as unofficial messages flooded the game and affected matchmaking. 

These messages were not related to Apex Legends itself, but to Respawn Entertainment’s previous game Titanfall. 

The messages seem to protest the fact that the first Titanfall game is beset with hackers and those that would seek to ruin it for legitimate players. 

It’s rather funny that these hackers don’t see the irony in their actions as they were doing the same for players who wanted to enjoy Apex Legends. 

The messages encouraged people to go to a site which we will not mention here or link you too. Aside from not wanting to pour petrol on fire we don’t know if that site has any nefarious ends or malicious code. 

More about this can be found on other sites and Twitter, but we rather want to look at the fact that things may be back to normal. 

For the past day or so the official Respawn Entertainment Twitter account has been providing updates to the community about the situation. 

Early this morning, at around 4:16 AM local time, the issues were apparently corrected.

Below you will find the full statements from Respawn in chronological order. It’s worth noting that not once did the developer mention Titanfall by name or even come close to saying any of its systems were compromised. 

It still hasn’t even been a full 24 hours since all of this started soi maybe Respawen is looking into things and will tell us more as time goes on. 

It will also be interesting to see if Respawn or developer EA will have any official comment about the state of Titanfall. 

“We are aware of and actively investigating issues impacting @PlayApex playlists that are preventing players from getting into matches.

The team is continuing to investigate the issue. We’ll provide hourly updates here until a fix is deployed and the problem resolved.

The team is still working on a fix and testing solutions. We’ll keep these hourly updates coming.

We’re testing a fix now and will update when we have more confidence. Additional updates may be required. In the meantime, we’ve determined that this attack—while disruptive—has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk. More updates to come as we make progress.

We’re continuing to validate a fix. Thanks for hanging with us—the team remains hard at work on this.

We’ve published a server update targeted at solving the matchmaking issue and are cautiously optimistic as we wait for the update to reach all servers (this typically takes hours). We’ll follow up in an hour with confirmation and/or information about our next steps.

We’ve confirmed that matchmaking has been restored. We’re keeping an eye on things but believe the issue to be resolved. Thanks for your patience, Legends.”

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.


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