The Seinfeld LEGO set is R1649.99 in South Africa

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A couple of days ago LEGO announced a new set, number 21328, based on Seinfeld. We weren’t sure when the set would launch in the country, or how much it would cost, but those details have now been released.

Like other countries lacking a LEGO VIP programme, South Africa will get the set come 1st August.

As you saw in the headline it will cost R1 649.99 according to the LEGO Certified Stores South Africa. Here’s how that price compares to the RRP in other parts of the world:

• $79.99 ≈ R1 149.87
• CA$109.99 ≈ R1 258.24
• AU$129.99 ≈ R1 389.55
• €79.99 ≈ R1 359.08
• £69.99 ≈ R1 386.74

When looking at the above prices it’s worth mentioning that some regions, most notably the US, don’t have sales tax included so the prices there seem much cheaper than they really are.

The UK price is usually the one closest to South Africa but we can see that, once again, those wanting to buy the set locally will need to shell out a premium for living in this country.

This is not at all unusual and, should you ever want to know the approximate price of a set in South Africa, just take the UK one, convert it into Rands, and add a few hundred on top as the set gets bigger.

In that regard this Seinfeld set only has a premium of a few hundred Rand as it isn’t the biggest set, coming in at 1 326 pieces. There are five minifigures included rounding up the main cast (Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and George) as well as recurring character Newman.

You can see more of the set in our initial coverage which includes a sticker of the famous George Costanza underwear scene. LEGO has also released something of a trailer for the set complete with animation, watchable in the embed below.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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