Marvel’s Avengers launches on Game Pass plus Infinity War DLC

As announced earlier this week Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ game Marvel’s Avengers becomes available on Xbox Game Pass today, and there’s some new content from the MCU.

Console, cloud and PC subscribers to Xbox Game Pass can start playing the game right now without spending an extra cent.

When we reviewed the game at launch we brought up its endless problems and the incongruent nature of a game that wants to be a singleplayer Avengers adventure that had been butchered and reassembled into a live service game plagued with real-money purchases and unnecessary features.

It’s no surprise that the game didn’t receive a recommendation from us but, as a game that is now included with Xbox Game Pass, our tune has changed a little.

Marvel’s Avengers has been continually updated with free content since its release more than a year ago. All this content which revolves around characters such as  Black PantherHawkeye, Kate Bishop, Black Widow and the Super-Adaptoid is not only free for owners of the game, but is also included in the Game Pass version.

While this is a game broken at its core, the fact that players now don’t need to fork over any money for it makes it an easy recommend.

The main story campaign here, as well as the post-release content, can be played through and enjoyed. The paid elements and in-game market can simply be ignored and its badgering is less impactful when you have the knowledge that you didn’t pay to get in.

Speaking of the in-game market it has been updated with a new Captain America skin based on the character’s appearance in Infinity War.

Unfortunately there’s no dual Wakandan shields though we understand that this little feature would have probably would have needed a lot of custom animation work.

When Marvel’s Avengers was revealed there was almost universal backlash towards the character designs not being based on the MCU and its actors, but costumes like this have been slowly added over time. There’s even an entire DLC skin pack based on Endgame.


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