Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition selling in SA for R5K

When Gotham Knights finally broke radio silence after six months of no news, it was revealed that a Collector’s Edition would be made available and it went on sale in many territories.

South Africa is now one of those territories with several retailers now offering pre-orders on the most expensive version of the game.

The base price seems to be just a Rand under R5K, but two stores are offering it for less.

Below we’ve provided the information for the retailers we found to be selling the Collector’s Edition at the time of publication, together with the links to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S ports.

No PC version of the Collector’s Edition is available in the country which is not a surprise but the previous generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports for Gotham Knights has been cancelled so these are your only options.

Right now Loot is offering the lowest price, but at the time of writing, only has the PS5 version available.

As an aside: none of the links below are affiliate links and we actually recommend against pre-ordering at all. It’s usually best to at least wait for early reviews, especially for purchases this expensive.

Despite our warning above we can see many comic fans buying this Collector’s Edition without a care of the actual quality of the game.

This is because the big ticket item of the Collector’s Edition is a diorama of the titular knights. Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood and Batgirl are all fan favourites so getting them all in a nice display like this may be worth the price of admission.

This diorama is also apparently inspired by the work of comic artist Jim Lee and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The rest of the Collector’s Edition includes: the Deluxe Edition of the game, “Ledbook” game packaging with 16-page “mediabook”, Visionary Pack with several cosmetic DLC items, “Promethium New Guard Transmogs” (more cosmetic stuff), Augmented Reality Talon Key and a Gotham City: City of Bridges collectible map.

Gotham Knights and its Collector’s Edition launches on 25th October 2022.


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