Gotham Knights pops up again with gameplay walkthrough

Gotham Knights has been radio silent for a very long time and there’s a six month gap between uploads to its official YouTube channel.

That changes today with the release of the longest and most detailed look at the game so far in a gameplay walkthrough featuring Red Hood and Nightwing that is just over 13 minutes long.

The gameplay that we’re shown is said to be midway through a playthrough so we get to see some unlocks and better fleshed out versions of these characters in combat.

Nightwing is more athletic, jumping around in a scrap while Red Hood focuses on attacking with non-lethal guns.

We also get to see some traversal options available to these characters. Nightwing has a rocket-powered glider that looks a lot like something out of Fortnite, while Red Hood can basically double jump thanks to “soul energy” from his resurrection.

Both of these look incredibly goofy, as does the “Fast Bat”, the vehicle you see in the header image below which is used for fast travel.

Other highlights of the walkthrough include customisable UI, a focus on RPG mechanics (blueprints and crafting are mentioned), stealth and augmented reality vision, which is this game’s version of Detective Mode from the Batman Arkham games.

Overall we came away from this walkthrough looking less forward to Gotham Knights.

The problems here start with the visuals which look decidedly last generation, or worse. We recently played Arkham Knight, a game from 2015 and Gotham Knights looks somehow worse.

The gameplay too looks bog standard for a third person action game no matter how much talk of customisation and RPG flexibility is talked up in this trailer.

Gotham Knights is meant to release on 25th October this year for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, so we highly doubt things will improve much by then.

Lastly we need to circle around back to dumb vehicles. In the gameplay trailer we learn that all four of the playable knights will have access to the Batcycle to get around on the streets.

As a pre-order bonus early buyers will get the “233 Kustom Batcycle” which gets its own short trailer below. As far as incentives to spend money we’ve seen, this is one of the poorest in a while.


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