How to apply for a refund from Disney+

On Wednesday, after many years of waiting, Disney+ arrived in South Africa.

Unfortunately for the House of Mouse, the launch has landed with more of a flop than a bang. Now that the influencers aren’t tweeting about binge watching content in their Sunday best, users are starting to air their grievances and things don’t look good.

One of the biggest issues we’ve seen is that users are of the opinion that the Disney+ app they have access to is more similar to the Disney+ Hotstar app used in Asian markets.

While this gives users access to content, the user experience is worse. For instance, rather than being able to toggle whether you want to watch older content in 4:3 or 16:9, the version of the app South Africans have defaults to 16:9 with seemingly no way to easily change this.

Add to this a slew of error codes, HDR issues, crashes and certain elements not behaving as expected, folks are rightfully upset.

The good news is that Disney offers refunds although you will have to apply for this refund. We should also point out that if you signed up for the year-long offer at a reduced rate you may not be eligible for a refund depending on what terms and conditions you agreed to.

The first thing you will need to do is head to this URL and click the link on point two to be directed to the Cancellation Early page.

“You will be redirected to the ‘Cancellation Early’ confirmation page showing you the timeline for the withdrawal process, the amount of refund and refund timeline,” Disney explains on the website.

The firm does note that if you used Apple or Google in-app purchasing, the refund process could differ.

“Please note that from the date that your cancellation / withdrawal takes effect, you will no longer be able to access Disney+ content. Any refund will be made on a pro-rata basis and will depend upon the date you made your cancellation/withdrawal request and the number of days of subscription remaining. Please note, a cancellation fee may be charged for early cancellations. Please see the Disney+ Subscriber Agreement for more information about withdrawal, early cancellation and any early cancellation fees,” states Disney.

As mentioned, your success with this process may differ depending on the terms and conditions you agreed to. If you’re feeling burned by Disney and want to cancel, however, you might as well try to get a refund.




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