As the Discovery drama continues Black Adam gets another trailer

Recently Discovery’s acquisition of DC Comics parent company Warner Bros. lead to a slew of projects being cancelled or shelved with the biggest fatality in the form of Batgirl. Despite all of this it seems like Black Adam is still full steam ahead as we have a new trailer for the latest Rock-led movie.

This is the second main trailer for the film and a lot of footage has been reused here, but there is also some new content to enjoy.

The first of this is an appearance of Amanda Waller as portrayed by Viola Davis. Waller may be the most consistent part of the truly shattered DC live action movies so it’s always nice to see her.

It seems Waller is in charge of getting Black Adam under control and she enlists the help of the Justice Society. In the comics this group, also called the Justice Society of America, is sometimes a precursor to the Justice League.

We’re not sure exactly when in the timeline Black Adam takes place – again the DC movies have no real continuity like the MCU – but it’s entirely possible that this is just a reuse of the name and this group has no relation to the Justice League.

In the Justice Society is Doctor Fate with Pierce Brosnan under the shiny gold helmet. At around one minute 52 seconds into this trailer we see what looks like multiple copies of Doctor Fate holding Black Adam back. This is a common power used by Doctor Strange in the MCU which we’re sure won’t help the comparisons made by the two magical superheroes.

The trailer, and by extension the basic plot we have discussed above, is described by the official DC website for the movie.

“Hailed as the slave who became Champion, the mortal slave Teth-Adam was bestowed the powers of the gods. When he used his powers for vengeance, he was entombed, becoming Black Adam. Nearly 5,000 years later, Black Adam is freed from his imprisonment and finds his unique form of justice challenged by modern day heroes in the form of the Justice Society,” the site reads.

Black Adam is scheduled for a theatrical release on 21st October barring any big new developments in the ongoing Discovery / Warner / DC drama.


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