Model Builder gets free Aether e-bike DLC

Model Builder – a game about the hobby of model kit building – has some new and free DLC in the form of the Aether e-bike.

This concept electric bike did the rounds earlier this year for its radical and futuristic design, which makes it perfect for this kind of game.

“This is what [Lin Yu-Cheng] has envisioned as he works on Aether, his concept motorcycle. This is an e-motorbike embodying the next level of innovation and beauty for sci-fi lovers. And you can have it in your home right now – just download the new DLC, and assemble the model!” the announcement reads.

“About the creator: [Lin Yu-Cheng] is an industrial designer who specializes in transportation design and product design. [His] aim is to ensure that form follows the function of products and transportation, without sacrificing the essence of industrial design.”

Those who have played Model Builder before can look forward to a new quest and a new Steam achievement around the Aether e-bike. For those who haven’t, the game still has a free demo on Steam and the full game, which is required to play this new DLC, is rather cheap to pick up.

Also check out the launch trailer below from February to see more about the game.

The DLC also come with Patch 1.1.5 which makes some small changes with one of them being a fix to crashes involving empty benchmark files, so if that has affected you in the game before hopefully it’s no longer an issue.

The niche genre of model kit building games is taking off in 2022 with Last Call BBS – a Zachtronics title release in August – also featuring this as a minigame called “STEED FORCE Hobby Studio” that focuses on unlicensed Gundam-esque models.


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