What we learnt about Temtem from the developer AMA

Later today Temtem finally leaves Early Access as its 1.0 launches as an ambitious indie project to offer an alternative to Pokémon.

To provide some insight into how the game was made, what will be in this launch version and what we can expect in the future, developer Crema has recently hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) where the community could pose their questions to the people behind the game.

That AMA was hosted on /r/Games where you can read it in full, but we have pulled some key questions which we think are most important to those about to play the game today and those interested in picking it up in the future.

Below you can find the community questions along with the answers from Crema. For the sake of brevity we have edited down some of the questions and some of the answers to remove unnecessary fluff for an easier reading experience.

We have also left out some very specific questions about how some elements of the game work. This is both for spoiler reasons and the fact that they will not be relevant to new players and those who have not played the game yet.

Q: Will Temtem have paid expansions? Is Temtem “complete”?

A: We see Temtem as a complete game now… Temtem will not have paid expansions… it’s a bit early to know if we’ll ever be big enough to have standalone games. Our idea is to keep adding content that ensures replayability: different Seasons, events, regular and frequent balance patches, an eSports scene, Temtem Showdown, the 3rd Mythical is missing still, and so is the Nuzlocke mode, the Arcade bar, the API…

Q: Any plans to speed up combat?

A: The main problem with this is that all the economy stuff is related to it, so tweaking those would require to tweak the whole economy too.

Q: Any plans for singleplayer for game preservation?

A: We don’t plan to add a single player mode at least for now, but I wouldn’t be too worried about the servers shutting down.

Q: Any content expected at launch that hasn’t been announced yet?

A: Mostly improvements, quality of life, fixes, etc.

Q: Any challenges when porting to the Nintendo Switch?

A: The biggest issue for us was the huge amount of things we have in the game (cosmetics, houses, furnitures, world locations, NPCs…). Since one of the biggest limitations on Switch is its memory limit, we had to make sure that everything gets loaded and unloaded perfectly and only when it is needed.

Q: Why did you add a battle pass and paid currency to the game?

A: Maintaining a perpetually online game with thousands of players is no cheap feat. We also want to ensure we can keep supporting and maintaining the game for as long as possible. Since these monetization systems are only for cosmetic items, we believe it’s an option for those who want to support us further, and not an imposition for any other player.

Q: What is the game’s final price increase for 1.0?

A: Three dollars, up to USD44.99, which is Temtem’s final price. It will never increase again.

Q: Do you expect server problems for the 1.0 launch?

A: We are like 70% confident there won’t be server problems, as our server is much stronger and well-equipped now than it was then.

Q: Can we expect something useful for our homes?

A: We want to add some more utility furnitures in the future, but housing is severely technically limited so we can’t do a lot. Make sure to put your suggestions in our forum!

Q: I’m planning on resetting my account with 1.0 launch, will I lose the early access rewards?

A: Nope!


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