Android users can now lock Incognito Chrome tabs behind biometrics

  • Android users will soon be able to lock Incognito windows behind biometrics.
  • The feature has been available to iOS users since September 2022.
  • Google bizarrely buried this news at the bottom of a blog post about privacy measures.

While Incognito Mode in Chrome is often associated with erm, personal matters, and as such you may not want prying eyes seeing what you’re doing.

In order to give Android users a bit more privacy, Google is rolling out a feature that was previously only available to iOS users. What is bizarre is that this new feature is buried within a blog post detailing ways users can be safer online.

The feature we’re interested in however, is the ability to lock an Incognito Chrome session behind biometrics. Yes, iOS users have been able to do this since September 2022 according to 9to5Google.

To check if you have access to this open your Settings menu then head to Privacy and Security and look for the Lock Incognito tabs when you leave Chrome option. We currently don’t have access to this but Google is rolling the feature out.

As per Engadget, when you return to the window after leaving Chrome, you will be required to use biometric authentication or another authentication method to the access the windows.

Speaking of privacy at Google, the firm is currently the focus of a lawsuit alleging it violated the privacy of children under 13 years-old. The suit claims that Google tracked the activity of children on YouTube without consent in order to target advertising at them.

Further to this, Hasbro, Mattel, Cartoon Network and Dreamworks “lured children to their channels, knowing that they would be tracked,” Reuters reports.

This is not the only lawsuit Google faces as regards its advertising business. The US Department of Justice recently launched a lawsuit against the firm to break up its advertising business.

But hey, at least Android users get better protected Android browsing in Incognito right?


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