New Uber Eats feature let’s you see what personal info is shared with drivers

  • Uber Eats has launched a new View as Delivery Person feature, letting users see what personal information is shared with drivers on the app.
  • This is similar to the View as Driver function that Uber launched in 2020.
  • The new feature is limited to the US and Canada for now.

Uber Eats has launched a new feature that will no doubt be of interest to those concerned with how much of your personal information the application shares. It is called, View as Delivery Person, and those familiar with Uber-related features will know it is quite similar to a feature that the platform launched in 2020 called View as Driver.

Quite plainly, this feature allows users to see what personal information an Uber Eats delivery person has access to when they are on their way to your residence to complete an order.

Unfortunately, however, the feature is limited to a release in the United States and Canada for now, with no word on when a wider rollout is planned.

According to Uber Eats, it limits the amount of personal information a driver has access to. To that end, the company says an approximate delivery location is shared prior to an order being placed. Once an order is placed, then your first name, the initial of your surname, and an exact delivery address are shared with delivery people. This reverts back to the approximate location data when the order has been successfully delivered.

Uber Eats goes on to detail that certain information is expressly restricted from view, such as your payment details, and phone number.

While it is indeed good to see Uber eats offer users the ability to see such information, as well as be more transparent about who has access you your information, there is still the scope for nefarious deeds, especially given the spate of harassment by drivers we saw both during and post-pandemic in South Africa.

Hopefully though, this feature will give local Uber Eats users a bit more peace of mind once it rolls out in South Africa.

[Image – Photo by Mak on Unsplash]


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