Don’t break the bank to stay online during loadshedding

When it comes to staying productive, entertained or simply sane during loadshedding, many South Africans believe that the only real options are the expenses and complexities that come with a generator or UPS installation.

While those options of course work and have become the norm for many, the truth is that it’s simply overkill for the majority of people.

Whether loadshedding falls during working hours or out of them, many simply need a constant connection to the internet to go about their day. Charge up your phone, notebook and other devices before loadshedding and, as long as there’s internet, you may be able to continue on with your day.

If you fall into this category where internet is all you need, look no further than GIZZU and its Mini POE DC UPS. While this is a UPS it’s not the kind you may be familiar with. This device is made to keep your internet router, fibre box and other internet infrastructure online when there’s no electricity.

Think of it as a dedicated battery bank with the sole purpose of making sure you continually have access to the internet.

Also separating it from a regular UPS is the battery tech inside. Instead of the failure-prone lead acid batteries, this has a high-capacity lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 21 600mAh. That means more reliable battery power, with a better lifespan and more uptime.

This is backed up by a variety of safety protocols to keep you and your expensive devices safe, protocols such as short circuit protection, over-discharge and over-charge.

21 600mAh buys you an estimated 6.9 hours of power for a 10W router or 23 hours for a 3W fibre box. While we’ve been talking about personal use for internet connectivity, GIZZU has engineered in even more functionality for Power Over Ethernet and devices like cameras and phones. A 10W CCTV camera can stay live for an estimated 6.9 hours too, and a 7W VoIP phone for 9.8 hours.

As higher stages of loadshedding continue, and loadshedding as a whole has been stated to be around for the indefinite future, these higher estimated run times become very much appreciated.

This flexibility to support both personal and professional hardware during loadshedding also makes it perfect for home offices and small companies where wifi and internet connectivity is the lifeblood of the operation.

We mentioned charging up devices ahead of time earlier, but if you’re caught with a low battery during loadshedding you’re still in luck. The front-facing USB ports can also be used to charge your devices, further making the GIZZU Mini POE DC UPS a veritable productivity Swiss army knife.

The GIZZU Mini POE DC UPS – and the rest of the GIZZU range – is available right now in South Africa through the leading online retailer Takealot.

Not only do you get to enjoy the super simple shopping Takealot offers, but you can also read thousands of reviews on the platform, left by other South Africans dealing with loadshedding with the help of GIZZU.


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