Artist creates 3D print to honour Lance Reddick’s impact on Destiny

  • Lance Reddick, the voice actor of Commander Zavala passed away at the weekend.
  • A Destiny 2 community artist has created a 3D print to honour Reddick’s impact on the game and its community.
  • The 3D printing files are free to download but Artdeck asks that the community don’t exploit those who want others to print the model for them.

At the weekend, actor Lance Reddick passed away suddenly from natural causes.

The actor is well known for his roles in The Wire, John Wick and Oz among many other incredibly memorable performances.

The actor was also the voice behind one of Destiny’s iconic characters Commander Zavala. The news of Reddick’s passing hit the Destiny community hard not only because he voiced an iconic character, but because he was a fan of the game.

The Destiny 2 community chose to honour the actor by holding vigils in-game as you can see in the TikTok video below.

Further to this, Reddick was reportedly playing the game right up until before the night he passed further showcasing that he wasn’t just a voice actor, he was a Guardian just like every other player.

Now an artist within the Destiny community, Artdeck who goes by Danny, has created a 3D printable figure for the community to print.

The print features the likeness of Commander Zavala standing behind a Titan shield against a plague that reads “If we do not meet again, know how proud I am of what you have done”.

The print also features Zavala’s Ghost, Targe below an inscription which reads “Lance Reddick: Our Commander. Per Audacia Ad Astra”.

The creator asks that folks don’t exploit others for this print but they may charge for the material and shipping costs associated with printing and sending the print along to others. The creator further goes on to say that they’d prefer folks donate to the MOMCares charity in Reddick’s name rather than supporting the artist on Ko-fi.

One thing to note is that the finer details of the print may be obscured when printing with PLA although this is being addressed.

You can find the files needed to print out this model here.

This passing has hit us particularly hard and we’re so glad to see the Destiny community uniting to honour a fellow Guardian.


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