WhatsApp group admins can now decide who joins

  • WhatsApp has announced two new features, one of which will be of interest to group admins.
  • The feature allows them to control who can join groups by handling the invite link.
  • The other feature is for everyone, and makes it easier to find groups with similar interests.

It is turning into a day for announcements from Meta-owned platforms, with WhatsApp being the latest to confirm that two new features are coming to the messaging service – one for group admins and the other for general users.

Regarding the former, group admins now have the ability to control who joins groups. As we know community WhatsApp groups can get chaotic, even at the best of times, so giving admins tools to make sure the people that are actually a part of the community are a part of the group, makes sense.

“When an admin chooses to share their group’s invite link, or make their group joinable in a community, they now have more control over who can join. Groups are where people have some of their most intimate conversations and it’s important that admins are able to easily decide who can and cannot come in,” the platform added in a blog post.

As for the other feature, you’ll soon be able to search for and find similar communities within WhatsApp with a bit more ease.

“With the growth of Communities and their larger groups, we want to make it easy to know which groups you have in common with someone. Whether you’re trying to remember the name of a group you know you share with someone or you want to see the groups you’re both in, you can now easily search a contact’s name to see your groups in common,” it continued.

WhatsApp has not provided a definitive date for the rollout of these new features, but has noted that they will start rolling out globally over the coming weeks.


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