Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is coming to PC in 2024

  • PlayStation has unveiled Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for PlayStation 4 and 5 launching on 6th October.
  • A PC port being developed by Nixxes Software will arrive on Steam and Epic Games Store in 2024.
  • Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition includes the Burning Shores Expansion.

The next PlayStation exclusive headed to PC has been announced and PC gamers will once again get a swing at exploring a world brimming with mechanical animals when Horizon Forbidden West arrives on the platform next year.

On Wednesday, PlayStation announced Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for the PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as for PC. PlayStation gamers will be able to purchase the game on 6th October while PC gamers will have to wait until 2024.

As of the time of writing, there is no price available for Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on either the Epic Games Store or Steam.

The complete edition of the game includes the Burning Shores expansion as well as the base game, and that’s about it. We suspect there will be a few cosmetic items thrown into the mix but really, you’re just getting the game and expansion as a bundle deal.

There is also as of yet, no launch date for the game aside from 2024, but the game will be ported over to PC by Nixxes Software. The console maker acquired the studio in 2021 and Nixxes was behind the excellent port of Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The studio also ported the most recent trilogy of Tomb Raider games over to Steam.

This is great news as while Guerilla Games did an admirable job launching Horizon Zero Dawn to PC, the game was poorly optimised and many players, ourselves included, were stuck waiting for shaders to compile on launch day.

PlayStation will also be looking to earn back some goodwill from the PC community given the absolutely shambolic state that The Last of Us Part 1 launched in earlier this year. While the game has been patched to death at this point, when we still have to wait for shaders to compile, that’s not what we’d call fixed.

We also want to give local PC gamers a bit of a heads-up. Before Horizon Zero Dawn launched on PC there was a bit of a pricing glitch and South Africans were able to pick the game up for R269, we know because that’s how much we paid for the game.

The game still retails for R719 today. We recommend adding Horizon Forbidden West game to your wishlist and keeping an eye on the price, just in case.


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