Has Bluesky lost its Twitter edge?

  • Co-creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has quietly departed the board of Bluesky Social.
  • Dorsey was involved with the initial founding and funding of the decentralised social media platform.
  • No explanation has been given for why Dorsey left, but Bluesky has said that it is looking for a replacement.

When we first caught wind of the Bluesky social media platform in 2023, it was initially notable because of who was on its board of directors. The most notable name was Jack Dorsey, one of the co-creators of Twitter.

While the platform has already crossed the 1 million user milestone, it still has a long way to go before its many lofty goals come to fruition. Now in its second year of operation, Dorsey has quietly admitted to having departed the platform’s board.

Dorsey gave a simple answer without further explanation of when and how he left the board. Hours later, the company gave a more rounded statement on its official account on the platform.

“We sincerely thank Jack for his help funding and initiating the bluesky project. Today, Bluesky is thriving as an open-source social network running on atproto, the decentralized protocol we have built,” it said.

“With Jack’s departure, we are searching for a new board member for the Bluesky public benefit company who shares our commitment to building a social network that puts people in control of their experience. More to come!”

In February, Bluesky dropped its invite-only barrier, now letting anyone sign up for a free account. The app is similar to X, or rather more similar to Twitter before the Elon Musk takeover. Unlike X, Bluesky is all about offering a decentralised social media platform, and one that is open source.

Bluesky is permanently open-source, which means anyone can contribute to moulding the platform. Users can use Bluesky to create their own versions of the platform and host it on their own servers.

As for Dorsey, he has deleted his Bluesky account at some point in the last few months. He also deleted his Instagram account, according to TechCrunch. It seems the Twitter founder is on an X binge, as he has been quite active on his former platform.

On X, he unfollowed most accounts except for notable whistleblower Edward Snowden, the wife of imprisoned leaker Julian Assange and platform owner Elon Musk. He also said that X is a piece of “freedom technology.”

So free is the platform, that it forgets the main responsibility of the freedom of speech.

[Image – Bluesky Social]


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