Lethal Company, CS2, Steam Deck maintain dominance over Steam top seller list

  • The top three performers on Steam remain the same this week with Lethal Company the best performing game.
  • The Steam Deck retains the number one overall spot, however.
  • Counter-Strike 2 continues its strong showings despite problems.

It is that time of the week again when Valve updates its top sellers list and we can dive into what people are buying on Steam between 28th November and 5th December.

While it is a new week things are oddly familiar. Most notably the top three spots with the Steam Deck in first, Lethal Company in second and Counter-Strike in third. Which are all exactly the same as last week.

The Steam Deck’s OLED release gave the handheld PC a huge shot in the arm even though it was already still performing rather well meanwhile the community groundswell behind Lethal Company keeps it as the top-earning piece of software on the platform.

This is a good time to remind everyone that the list is ordered by revenue generated in the past week, which is why free to play game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is in third place. The sequel / replacement to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS2 has had some major problems in its release this year with some online problems that made hardcore players not receive in-game items as well as most may have hoped.

Also affecting those who spend the most time in the game was the effect this “new” game had on the second-hand market for premium skins in the game. CS:GO was famous for its thriving market of skins and while that market still exists in CS2 many are reporting losses in the value of their digital goods.

Outside of this top three, this is what the rest of the top ten sellers list looks like:

  1. Steam Deck,
  2. Lethal Company,
  3. Counter-Strike 2,
  5. Call of Duty ,
  6. Baldur’s Gate 3,
  7. Destiny 2,
  8. EA SPORTS FC 24,
  9. Apex Legends,
  10. Dead by Daylight.

Really there’s not much to see here. There’s the usual mix of big budget and big name games here making the indie title Lethal Company stick out even more as an outlier.

We’re always happy to see the lovingly-made Baldur’s Gate 3 sticking around in the top ten after its launch in August this year. Its large Patch #5 was released at the end of November as the game’s “most feature-filled update yet” which was so large that the patch notes exceeded the character limit on Steam’s Community section. The full patch notes can be found on developer / publisher Larian Studios’ website and it is another testament to the company’s massive respect for its own game and its audience.

As we head into the holiday season we have to wonder how this list will change as people get more free time – and some end-of-year bonus money – to spend on games. If we had to guess we’d say that Baldur’s Gate 3 is the most likely in this list to receive a boost from the holiday rush. Many people, preoccupied with work, study and the rest of life, may have avoided the incredibly deep RPG during the busy year but can now give it a proper shot during the holidays.

To see if Baldur’s Gate 3 is for you, check out our review here.


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