23rd February 2024 4:47 am
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Overtime banned, cure for diabetes – all by the year 2050

In a video presented by Sir Jonathon Porritt, of Forum for the Future, we get a glimpse of what life will be like in 2050. It’s only 36 years from now – but we just need to look into the past to see how things have changed radically.

Back then we barely had personal computers, always-on connected devices in our pockets, virtual currencies, or high-tech medical equipment. So Porritt’s predictions don’t seem that out of touch. In the 5 minutes video he covers business and the world economy, transport, technology, and health. For each of those he has predictions of how things will change, including the banning of overtime in the workplace as long with shorter work weeks being introduced, as well as how medical technology will find cures for ailments that affect an increasing number of people, today.

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