26th February 2024 10:11 am
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[YEAR IN REVIEW] What happened in October 2014?

October was an insane month in terms of the amount of hardware that was launched from a new Nexus phone and tablet to a pair of new Apple iPhones and iPads all coming out with the intention of being on the shelves for the holiday period. But it was a budget tablet from a mobile network operator that caught our eye in October becoming one of our biggest stories of the month.

Vodacom launches new R1 000 3G tablet with astonishing contract options

vodacom smart tab 3g

The Vodacom Smart Tab 3G is a R999 tablet from the mobile network operator that comes with bundled data and a host of monthly data packages that let you get your hands on the tablet for almost nothing. Since launch its had some competition but with the decision to increase its data allocation we think its one of the best pieces of kit to come out this year.

Female game dev forced to flee home after horrific Twitter threats

#Gamergate was one of the biggest stories in the gaming industry this year and while it started out as a legitimate concern over the ethics of gaming journalists it transformed into some horrific and violent vitriol against female game developers and journalists alike. In one case Brianna Wu, a game developer in Boston in the US, was forced to leave her home in fear of her safety after threats were made against her on Twitter.

Vodacom admits putting phone numbers in browser headers

Vodacom Data Centre (19)

It wasn’t all good news in October for Vodacom as the network was caught leaking the cellphone and unique hardware identifiers on devices that were being used on the Vodacom network. Vodacom has since updated its websites to prevent this kind of information being leaked so hopefully we won’t need to call them on this kind of problem in 2015.

Sony to close South African TV, HiFi and camera division

Sony consumer electronics SA closing down

Sony South Africa announced that it is planning to close down its Consumer Audio Visual (CAV) business unit in South Africa, and will be wrapping up its existing distribution network as early as January 2015. The closure will cause as many as 57 people to lose their jobs but the company is adamant that all customer service and warranties will still be kept and that the brand will still be around in South Africa through other distribution methods.

Parkhurst’s FTTH goes live and getting great speeds

Parkhurst Fibre to the Home with Vumatel

We’ve been jealous of Parkhurst’s impending fibre connectivity for the entire year and then we had to see the speed tests from residents who had just activated their services with one of the many ISPs attached to the project. With download speeds of nearly 95Mbps in some cases the jealousy in our office has reached an all time high with some members of the htxt.africa staff plotting ways to get their hands on fibre-to-the-home as quickly as possible in the new year.

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