Defend your factories with these 3D printed Factorio turrets

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As Factorio inches ever closer to leaving Early Access, more and more people are enjoying the game’s factory building experience, but some are building parts of it in real life.

We featured one such person in Thingiverse user PeteTheLich back in July of last year. They had printed Factorio’s recognisable conveyor belt as a belt you can actually wear to keep your pants up.

Since then they’ve been hard at work at small, more detailed prints which have taken the form of several turrets you are able to build in the game.

So far the gun, laser, flamethrower and artillery turrets have been completed, all four of which you can view down below.

We’ve been told that each turret was modelled in Blender before being exported to 3D Builder where the separate pieces were merged and the bottoms were flattened out so they sit flush on a desk or shelf.

We have been told that screenshots from the game were used as the only reference here, which caused problems trying to convert the low res pictures into a detailed model. The flamethrower was the most difficult to model in this regard.

After printing most of the pieces were joined together with nuts and bolts. To get that authentic Factorio grungy look, little sanding was done to the raw plastics.

The artillery turret required a bit more assembly, with some rubber bands and a washer. A key chain was also added here.

Some simple acrylics were used for the painting in the main colours and a copper wash was applied after this to give the prints a rusted look.

Check out the final versions of these prints and click on their names to be taken to their Thingiverse pages where you can download the files to make your own for free.

Also see PeteTheLich’s profile page for more prints from Factorio as well as other games like Slay the Spire and the Binding of Isaac.

Gun Turret

Time to model: 5 hours

Time to print: 3 hours

Size: 3 inch cube

Laser Turret

Time to model: 4 hours

Time to print: 3 hours

Size: 3 inch cube

Flamethrower Turret

Time to model: 3 hours

Time to print: 2 hours

Size: 3 X 3 X 2 inches

Artillery Turret

Time to model: 11 hours

Time to print: 4.5 hours

Size: 6 inch cube

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Clinton Matos

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