22nd February 2024 2:11 pm
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Star-Lord, Blitz Mode & more revealed for Marvel Future Revolution

Over the weekend we got yet another reveal for the upcoming open-world mobile RPG – Marvel Future Revolution – in the form of Star-Lord.

The leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy seems to prefer aerial, long range combat, spending the reveal flying around shooting enemies from afar.

Strangely, unlike the gameplay reveals for Black Widow, Storm and Iron Man, the trailer is not available on YouTube at the time of writing. For now we’ll have to deal with this Twitter upload:

Like the reveals of the previous heroes we’re still in the dark when it comes to how this game will play as there’s no on-screen controls present in the trailers.

While that’s still an irritating niggle there’s been many other reveals for the game worth talking about, starting with Blitz Mode.

This seems to be what Marvel Future Revolution calls a raid and to announce it we also have this new piece of art featuring a collection of villains.

It seems Nebula, occasional member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and sister of Gamora, will be playing the role of villain here.

Red Skull and Ultron, featured below, have also been the subjects of “Villain Spotlights” recently. Strangely the character models for both of these villains are different in the spotlights compared to piece of art below. As this game is still in development it could simply mean that developer Netmarble have changed them as work has gone on, or the characters you fight against will change as you play.

Thanos and MODOK also got their own spotlight posts but were not included in the key art for Blitz Mode.

For those who like concept art based on locations there’s been reveals for the following: a Stark-made location complete with Quinjet, an alternate reality where Red Skull / Hydra take over, what seems to be the fusing of two worlds and various heroes from different timelines.

Despite all these reveals we’re still no closer to solid information about Marvel Future Revolution. These gameplay snippets don’t show off exactly how we’ll be playing or the launch date for the game – as well as what devices it will be available on – have not been announced.

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