iPhone spectrometer: the ultimate appcessory

Researchers at the University of Illinois have scraped together $200 (around R1 900) in parts to build a special cradle for an iPhone, turning it into a spectrometer. Spectrometers measure the light in the electromagnetic spectrum, the signature of which is then used to identify a material. Typically a spectrometer would costs many hundreds of […]

Record-setting Apple I auction

Back when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were just two unknown Steves, they built a computer that they called the Apple I. Apparently only six functioning Apple I computers still exist, and one of those went under the hammer at a German auction house this past Saturday. It fetched a record-setting $668 000 (about R6.4-million). […]

Curiosity’s interstellar road trip

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity hit the surface of the Red Planet on the 6th of August, last year, but only started roving Mars 23 days and numerous system checks later. Since then, though, the 900kg car-sized robot ahs travelled for 281 sols (Martian days) sending back a wealth of photos and chem reports on soil […]

Notch gets the golden ticket

Minecraft creator, Markus “Notch” Persson is getting VIP treatment from Sony. The company has invited Persson to its PlayStation 4 event at E3, where it will presumably be giving the world a glimpse of the next-gen hardware. All the more fitting, then, that Notch’s invite came with a special golden PSone console. He’s also been […]