Flappy Bird now the topic of internet philosophy

Just when you think you’ve read enough about Dong Nguyen’s now-deleted viral hit game, Flappy Bird, the internet proves you wrong. In the wake of the game being taken off Google Play and the iTunes App Store, a lot of thinkers on this here world wide web have been inspired to pontificate on what it all means.

And those thoughts have been poured into wordy pieces, published on some major websites, and commented on hundreds of times.

Except, it’s all a little ridiculous. So, to highlight the ridiculousness of the situation, Ernie from ShortFormBlog put together a Tumblr blog called Flappy Bird Think Pieces. There you can find  Because, as Ernie points out, Flappy Bird took a mere 72 hours to create – so it’s not exactly the pinnacle of art, gaming, or storytelling. People are pouring more thought into this than the creator did development hours.


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