Will the youth vote? JoziHub to host national debate online

According to Live Magazine SA, only one in five of their readers aged 18-35 feel as though they are represented by South African politicians. A quarter are still not sure whether or not they’ll vote at all.

How can you re-enfranchised these disillusioned kids? By harnessing the power of celebrity, of course.

JoziHub is hosting an evening debate on the subject of youth voting next Tuesday, 11th March, from 10-12pm. The panel offering insights into the hive mind of the born frees will be Joburg-based muso and technophile DJ Fresh, activist and social entrepreneur Shaka Sisulu, Sunday Live anchor Tumelo Mothotoane and the comedian Kagiso Lediga.

Live Mag SA will be using the debate to launch its VIP: Voting is Power – a cross party campaign to encourage young South Africans to vote in the up-and-coming elections, and take more interest in politics and the democratic process as a whole.

The debate is being hosted at JoziHub on 44 Stanley Avenue, but young ‘uns in Cape Town and Ginsberg will be able to join in via Google Hangouts. You can gather at the Steve Biko Centre or 88mph on Tuesday morning to take part in the streaming events. You can sign up for the physical events here, or follow the debate on Twitter with the hashtag #zarising.

To get an idea of the kind of debate you might see, here’s one of the launch videos for VIP.


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