Dad and seven-year-old daughter team up to build game-beating robot

Staying with the theme of great dads and Father’s Day, here’s a cool story about how an engineer and his daughter teamed up to build something amazing.

Few can master the art of winning the electronic memory game Simon, Ben North and his seven-year-old daughter didn’t succeed in doing so either, so after trying multiple times and eventually giving up, they decided to try another method… using a robot.

The dad and daughter team’s robot can not only play the Simon game, but wins it as well. The robot sort of looks like a spider and is built from large yoghurt pots used for the legs and a plastic chopping board used for the base plate at the top. The robots fingers were made using angled pieces of LEGO pivoted at fixed base parts and strings to pull them. Real LED lights were used to light up the Simon game.

For the robot’s “brains” North and his daughter used an Arduino mini computer, while Servo motors make the robot move wherever it needs to go.

Most seven-year-olds would quickly get bored and lose interest in building a robot for almost an entire year, but not North’s daughter. “My daughter was very involved with all stages of the project,” North told Yahoo Tech. “Mechanical design, building the Lego fingers (with help from my other three kids), marking holes, drilling holes, doing up screws, sawing, wire-cutting, wire-stripping, soldering. She did at least half of most of those jobs, with help and supervision.”

Read how North and his daughter built the robot step-by-step on his blog and watch a video of the robot in action, below.


[Via – Yahoo Tech, Image – YouTube]


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