The intriguing story of undersea internet cables

There is no doubt that the arrival of the SEACOM undersea cable in 2009 brought an internet revolution to South Africans by offering significantly cheaper bandwidth to internet service providers (ISPs) which enabled them to offer uncapped internet for the first time.

Since then we’ve had ACE, SAFE, EASSy and WACS landing in South Africa, and SAEx planned to arrive sometime in 2017, all drastically expanding the options for ISPs to route internet traffic which has resulted in cheaper internet packages for users as well as less outages when one of the cables goes down for maintenance.

Digital marketing agency, Builtvisible, has created a site that looks at every aspect of undersea cables including their history and the future needs that are going to keep these internet giving umbilicals that wrap around the world. There’s a fantastic map that allows you to single out any one country to see its specific connectivity growth.

If you’re looking for something more in-depth about the cables that have come to Africa since 2000, then we suggest heading over to Steve Song’s blog ‘Many Possibilities’.

[Image – Builtvisible]


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