This is why you can’t cheese Destiny’s Vault of Glass anymore

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If you have logged into Bungie’s FPSMMO Destiny yesterday, you would have noticed that the game had a patch of around 100MB to fix a number of server and stability issues. While the stability issue are still rampant (even after the “patch”), the biggest change comes in the way players have been completing the game’s infamous Vault of Glass raid.

Before the patch, players could employ a clever technique to cause the final boss to walk backwards, eventually falling off the platform. Where the final battle could stretch on for some time, this technique allowed you to finish it in under five minutes – called cheesing.

But as with all things fun and easy in Destiny, developer Bungie decided that it wasn’t the way they wanted you to complete the raid, and patched it.

Some players are understandably upset about this, and the way in with the final boss selects it targets. So much so that community chief David “Deej” Dague issued a statement on the blog defending the decision to nerf it.

“So, the update just went live. Atheon can no longer be pushed off his platform. He’ll also select people at random to be thrown across time. He’s a real bastard, eh? I talked a lot to the developers about your opinions on the matter. You don’t want to be selected at random. You want to choose who gets to fetch the Relic under fire from those nasty Oracles. I spoke on your behalf. Your voice was heard. We discussed your concerns,” he wrote.

But at the end of the day, Dague had one simple reason: “I was told ‘The Raid is never supposed to be easy’. Like the moment when the Templar shields random players, the Final Boss was supposed to be extremely dangerous.”

Dague also hinted that more bounties and a better variety of exotic weapons or engrams could be on its way in a future update.

“While we’ve been working on some of the other things for which you’ve been asking (i.e. better exotics, voice chat in matchmaking, more bounties), the designers who made the Raid have plugged the holes that you showed them.”

This is not the first time that Bungie has blocked the community from having fun, as the numerous loot caves were plugged a while back.



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