[MAKER FAIRE] A gallery of amazing makers from Maker Faire Africa

The annual Maker Faire has made a turn in Johannesburg this weekend, as creators, inventors and global thinkers flock to the Sci-Bono Centre to show off their latest projects.

The exhibition showcases some of the best works from innovators across Africa in their quest to solve problems from their communities – by building their own solutions.

“Maker culture is very much about dealing with challenges. It may be a lack of resources, of materials or tools. It can be spending weeks, if not months on your build, only to find that when you’re ready to flip the switch it doesn’t work as you had planned. As a maker myself, I’ve spent equal time, if not more, tearing things apart and rebuilding them – this is the ethos of a maker,” explained Jennifer Wolfe, the lead organiser of Maker Faire Africa, in a previous interview. is at the Sci-Bono Centre in Johannesburg to get a glimpse of the amazing projects that people have been working on. is an official media partner of Maker Faire Africa.

[Images – Charlie Fripp]


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