[YEAR IN REVIEW] What happened in June 2014?

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Faster internet, faster deliveries, faster Facebook and black holes. June was all about speed and science, two things that we appreciate – especially when the first related to broadband.

SA science team find super rare triple black hole galaxy


South African astronomers led by a team at UCT found just the fifth ever supermassive triple black hole at the center of a galaxy four billion light years away from earth. It all bodes extremely well for the upcoming Square Kilometer Array project that will soon be up and running in the Karoo.

How Facebook redesigned its app, for Africa

Facebook For Android Improves


Facebook’s growth from the developed world had stagnated and it was time for the world’s largest social network to look to regions like Africa and Asia for growth in the future. This is the story of how Facebook redesigned its mobile apps for Africa and our unique set of challenges.

No drone delivery for Amazon, says US government


After getting the world excited by its drone delivery plans Amazon had to head back to the drawing board after US regulators at the FAA – the guys who handle all of the laws in the air – decided that unmnanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were too dangerous to use as delivery vehicles. Needless to say we don’t expect Jeff Bezos to take this fight lying down.

New displays could change smartphone shapes forever

Free-Form Displays from Sharp


Not all displays are created equal, well at least when they come from display manufacturer Sharp that is. The Japanese company showed off a new “free form” display technology that allows displays to take on almost any shape by moving the control units and other electronics to teh very edges of the display.

Telkom announces its Fibre to the Home plans



Telkom announced that it would be bringing the insanity of fibre-to-the-home internet speeds to South Africa before the end of the year and less than six months later they delivered. It was a year of high speed internet from South Africa’s only real fixed line player and we’re glad they’re turning around their reputation for being slow to adapt to the market’s needs. Now if only we could get some fibre to our offices.



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