Meet the firm that’s powering Gauteng’s one tablet per child pilot

So here’s a thing you might not know: over at JoziHub in 44 Stanley, Millpark, they have a monthly JoziConnect session where local entrepreneurs can catch up on hub activities and do a bit of networking. As of this month, is going to be helping to host these sessions by coordinating a regular “fireside chat” with a tech luminary to begin the proceedings.

And have we got an interesting one for the first JoziConnect, which starts next Wednesday at 4pm.

We’ll be in conversation with Vivian Naidoo, the CEO of Bramley-based MIB Technology. You may not have heard of MIB, but right now it’s one of the most important companies in the country: it’s providing the educational backbone for the Gauteng Classrooms of the Future project, with server software and a portal that pupils can use to access essential learning resources online.

MIB has been developing a system which can digitise learning environments in South African public schools for several years now, and has worked closely with Sunward Park High School in Boksburg in tailoring a system for paper-free classrooms. Its software is present in all seven of the schools involved in the high profile environment.

Here’s the official invite, sign up here and hope to see you there:

Fireside chat with Vivian Naidoo, CEO of MIB Technology
4-6pm, 11th February, JoziHub (44 Stanley Avenue, Millpark, Johannesburg) and JoziHub are pleased to announce a very special speaker for the first JoziConnect session of 2015. Vivian Naidoo is the CEO of MIB Technology, one of the most important IT companies in South Africa today.

Three years ago, Naidoo began working with Sunward Park High School in Boksburg when MIB was commissioned to produce a learning portal and software infrastructure to support the school’s plan to become the first public school in South Africa to become “paperfree”. Working closely with teachers and textbook publishers, Naidoo’s team developed a sophisticated but simple interface that brings best-of-breed online resources to every child’s screen in a secure and painfree manner. The work done at Sunward Park has been so successful that last month, it was extended to six other schools in Gauteng – all of which are supplied by MIB.

Naidoo’s experiences in founding MIB as a small IT solutions provider and then transforming it over 10 years into one of the most important and innovative education technologies companies on the continent provide important lessons for all similarly ambitious entrepreneurs starting out today. Come and join him in a fireside chat at JoziHub on February 11th.

After the chat there will be a Q&A session, followed by drinks and a monthly feedback session with the JoziHub community.


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