Enterprising geeks lash together a DIY Star Trek access point

Networking equipment design has never been very exciting, at least not from the outside. Apparently some Redditors agree, and to solve the problem, they built a wireless access point that looks like the Starship Enterprise NCC 1701.

Well, sort of. They actually stripped the guts out of an existing access point (one we don’t get here in South Africa, the Ubiquity AP indoor 802.11n access point) and embedded everything inside a model of the Enterprise from the original series.

The results are nothing short of stunning; it helps that the Unifi AP’s original casing is disc-like.

Christoph Kauch and Rol Schwarz are the two enterprising Star Trek/WiFi fans, and not only did they build the access point themselves, they created a video of the entire process. Take a look:

They even managed to build an Ethernet port into the model’s base for easy access. Genius.

This is a fantastic idea, and one that can be applied to any kind of plastic model that has enough space inside for the relevant components.

So now, if you ever look at your home router or access point and think “That’s so dull”, you know how to solve the problem.

Good job, guys!

[Source – Reddit]


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