The LG G4 Family: When Style Matters

A lot of smartphones look the same. No matter the brand or model, more often than not once you remove the cover, you’ll see striking design similarities.

Then there’s the LG G4, a phone that sports a design like no other. And we’re not necessarily talking about the trademark (and oh-so-functional) rear button that gives this device an ergonomic edge, the actual design is quite unique.

LG’s G4 has two aesthetically-pleasing options: The first, a hand tooled leather backing which manages to feel timeless but also modern. It’s a minimalist exterior that comes in three colour options – brown, red and black – and will fit everyone’s design appeal, be it a professional businessman or high street fashionista.

If real leather isn’t your thing, your next pick is a hammered ceramic or steel back (in white and grey). They’re both sophisticated and sleek, offering even more choice for those who want a standout smartphone.

[su_box title=”Some kind of magic” box_color=”#f37021″]Did you know that LG G4’s cover is magic.

Like the G Flex 2, it features a remarkable self-healing technology which means that tiny scratches (bound to happen at some point, right?) magically fix themselves.

Say what? According to LG technologists, “the backcover is made with Hydrogen atoms infused into it. Hydrogen has a natural tendency to arrange its atoms equi-distant to each other. When small scratches are made on the backcover these atoms are pushed towards each other. Once the cause of the scratch is removed, due to its natural “equi-distancing” property, these atoms align themselves back into their original place and in way heals the scratch. This is happens faster at warmer temperature. By rubbing on the scratch, you create heat due to friction and that speeds up the “healing“.”[/su_box]

But LG’s top-of-the-range smartphone isn’t the only option in the G4 fleet – the G4 Beat and G4 Stylus also paint a pretty picture.

The G4 Beat, which comes in four metallic-backed (but tastefully-muted) colours, looks anything but cheap. Available in silver, gold, white and black, the G4 Beat carries the premium design heritage of the G4 in a more compact form.

The hammered-array pattern and nature-inspired curve also provide the perfect grip.

Go big or go home

Unlike the G4 and G4 Beat, the G4 Stylus isn’t curved. It is, however, a much larger and more impressive-looking phone if you’re in need of an intelligent phablet that can do it all.

It’s slick, with a beautiful big screen that really feels premium, never mind LG’s all-new Rubberdium Stylus Pen which makes note-taking an absolute pleasure.

To find out more about the LG G4 family of phones, click here.


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