Meet the R1m #Hack.Jozi winner at JoziConnect 15th June

The big news of last night for Joburg techies was the (now) annual announcement of the winner of #Hack.Jozi. And we’re very happy to say that we’ve got the winner, Neo Hutiri of TechnoVera, joining us for a Fireside Chat next Wednesday night on 15th June for the monthly JoziConnect Session at JoziHub.

#Hack.Jozi is a startup event sponsored by the City of Joburg and the Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering, and one of the most important events in the startup calendar because it’s also one of the most generous. The winning business gets a straight R1 000 000 investment from the City of Joburg, and two runners-up get R350 000 apiece.

Plus there’s mentoring, networking and a workspace within JCSE’s DIZ facility for all finalists.

TechnoVera was a hugely worthy winner with its inspired idea, which could revolutionise the way public dispensaries work in South Africa: Hutiri aims to make collected of prescription medicines cheaper, more convenient and better-controlled, all through the power of SMS.

Want to find out more and get some tips on how you could become next year’s winner? Join us at the JoziConnect Sessions, Wednesday 25 May Wednesday 15th June, 6pm at JoziHub.

You can RSVP using Eventbrite here.



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