Meet Tour2.0, the company taking authentic SA to the world at JoziConnect

Everyone knows what South Africa is famous for: safari tours, beaches, swimming with sharks (er, Hlaudi? – ed.). Sadly, the reality of living here isn’t quite as glamorous. Few of us pop up to Kruger Park every weekend, and once you’ve swum with one shark, you’ve swum with them all.

Enter Tour2.0, a Gauteng-based company that offers a wider range of experiences for the more intrepid international visitor. By partnering with other entrepreneurs in the region, Tour2.0 has packaged together a range of unusual holiday experiences designed to make visitors “feel like a local”.

From cycling tours of Alexandra to living with a rural community in the Eastern Cape, Adidwa’s site not only delivers visitors a package they really won’t forget he’s helping small businesses reach an international audience and, more importantly, international cash.

Tour2.0 is a solid business, and has been so successful it’s already won investment and national recognition. If you want to meet founder and CEO Daniel Adidwa and find out how he and his team put together this unique offering and launched South Africa’s most adventurous travel site, join us for a fireside chat at the October JoziConnect Session.

It takes place on 12th October at JoziHub, from 6-8pm. Reserve your free ticket here (and also click through for maps and directions).

The JoziConnect Sessions is a regular monthly series of meet-ups hosted by JoziHub and Each month a guest from the Gauteng tech & startup scene joins us to share and inspire with their stories. It’s the premier place to network and find new opportunities and ideas for your business.


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